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Toyota is one of the three largest automakers in the world, along with General Motors and Volkswagen.  The Japanese company also produces the Scion and Lexus brands in the U.S. 



According to the website for Toyota-Iran, there are 13 different models of Toyota commercial and passenger vehicles available for purchase in Iran.[1

Although the Toyota-Iran website appears to be regularly updated, Toyota has removed all references and links to this site from their global website.  In June 2011, Toyota announced it had suspended auto exports to Iran[2]; however, Toos Khodro Orang, an Iranian subsidiary operating as Toyota Orang,[3] and Irtoya,[4] an independent Iranian distributor, continue to operate Toyota-branded websites for cars and industrial vehicles. Toyota maintains that Irtoya has no capital relationship with the Japan-based company.[5]



In Fiscal Year 2011, the Toyota Group held 118 contracts valued at over $6.4 million with the U.S. Department of Defense.[6]


Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
19001 South Western Ave., Dept. WC11
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone number: (310) 468-4000


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