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Renault is a French auto manufacturer, allied and jointly owned with Nissan, making it the world's fourth largest automotive group. The French government owns a 15 percent share of Renault.


Renault is the#1 international automaker in Iran. Its aggressive growth strategy has earned it a place on our "Worst Offender" list.  

In 2004, Renault partnered with Iran Khodro and Saipa on a joint venture to form Renault Pars.[1]  Renault Iran’s website lists 9 passenger vehicles that are manufactured and sold in Iran through Renault Pars. In 2010, the company produced more than 50,000 Renault vehicles.[2]  In 2011 Renault doubled sales in Iran, selling over 100,000 vehicles.[3]  Renault Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, also operates in Iran through a partnership with four large Iranian firms; Saipa Diesel, Midliner & Midlum, Shahab khodro, Motorsazan, and Arya Diesel Motor, which produce medium duty and heavy range commercial Renault trucks.[4]  



Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO
Renault Siège
13/15 quai le Gallo
92100 Boulogne - France



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