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Help build our movement by spreading the word to your family, friends and colleagues!  Click the buttons below to post to facebook or twitter.  Use the #canIran! hashtag and we'll be following you on our leaderboard.  

Do you know which auto companies are profiting off business in Iran? Visit http://IranWatchlist.com and tell these companies to #canIran!


I sent a message to the auto companies operating in Iran told them to stop supporting the Iranian regime - #canIran! http://IranWatchlist.com


Join the movement to foster positive change in Iran. Go to http://IranWatchlist.com & help stop int'l companies profiting off business in Iran



See which users are the most active in calling on companies to cease operations in Iran.  Each time you use the #canIran! hashtag to contact a company or spread the word to your network on twitter, your tweets are tallied below.


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